Our Services

Grant Development

Applying for federal grants is a highly competitive process. The Grant Doctors® can help increase your chances of success. Our professionals have secured over $200 million in discretionary awards.

  • Grant Application, Evaluation Plan and Budget
  • Pre-Submission Review and Feedback

Grant Management

Government regulations are becoming more complex. Compliance is more critical than ever. The Grant Doctors® has managed $350 million in federal grants. Issues frustrating to others are routine for us.

  • Annual Federal Grant Oversight
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Federal Grant Documentation and Systems Review
  • On-Call Support

Grant Mentor

Federal grants can be overwhelming for new and developing nonprofits. We’re here to be your mentor. Our goal is to unlock your organization’s potential and position you to be successful with federal grants. This service works best for organizations:

  • Less than five years old
  • With less than $3 million annual budget
  • With no (or minimal) federal grants experience

Research and Evaluation

Every federal grant requires some form of evaluation to monitor progress, to identify opportunities for program improvement and to report progress. We can help.

  • Evaluation Plan (application phase)
  • Annual Project Evaluation (implementation phase)

Grant Deep Dive

Insufficient documentation is the number one reason for federal grant audit findings and repayments to funding agencies. Annual private audits won’t catch everything. You need an in-depth review by someone with extensive federal grant experience. Let us examine your documentation to make sure it meets federal expectations.

Custom Client Solutions

Not all consulting services fit into a neat box. We have broad federal grant experience and can develop a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Examples include:

  • Federal Government Relations
  • Program Development and Funding Strategy
  • Indirect Cost Rate Development and Negotiation
  • Corrective Action Plan Development and Oversight
  • Federal Monitoring Review Preparation
  • Sub-recipient Monitoring (AZ, CA, NV only)

Small Business Development

We can help your business prepare competitive contract proposals for the following government entities:

  • State governments
  • Local governments (i.e., counties, cities, towns)
  • Public school districts and charter schools
  • Special districts
  • Public utilities

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