We’re passionate about helping organizations improve their grant management systems. Download, print, discuss, and share to your heart’s content. We ask only that you not claim them as your own work or charge for their use.

Federal Grant Readiness Assessment for Nonprofit Organizations, version 1: 2016 (.pdf). Our assessment tool measures a nonprofit organization’s readiness to apply for, and manage, federal grants by looking at 24 indicators of organizational maturity across four major domains: governance; organizational capacity; policies, systems and controls; and external environment. The 24 indicators are scored using a five-point scale: Exceptional (5), Very Good (4), Satisfactory (3), Developing (2), and Beginning (1). Note: this is the free version of our readiness assessment. Version 2 includes two new indicators and several new definition points based on lessons learned during the Covid-19 era. The updated version is available for purchase, and download, here ($12).

Federal Grant Management Assessment for Non-Federal Organizations (.pdf form). A thorough examination of 110 standards to help non-federal organizations (e.g., local governments, LEAs, Indian Tribal Governments and nonprofit organizations) determine if their existing policies, procedures and management systems are aligned with federal grant management requirements under the Uniform Guidance. We recommend you also download 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Guidance (.pdf) and Grant Management Assessment Corrective Action Plan (.pdf form).

Federal Grant Management Policies and Procedures Manual Template (MSWord .docx). Developed for nonprofit organizations with federal grants or those planning to have federal grants in the future.


Our Federal Grants 360 workshop covers the full spectrum of issues related to federal grants: organizational readiness; application development; management/compliance; sustainability; and more. All our sides and presentations are 100% free. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when a new presentation is posted.

Federal Grants 360 master slides (.pdf) coming soon.
Phase 1: Pre-Award (Intro. to federal grants). Slides (.pdf). YouTube (soon).
Phase 2: Post-Award (Managing federal grants). Slides (.pdf). YouTube (soon).
Phase 3: Closeout. Slides (.pdf). YouTube (soon).
Phase 4: What’s Next? Slides (.pdf). YouTube (soon).
Pre-Award Risk Assessment. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
De Minimis Indirect Rate for Nonprofit Organizations. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Federal Grant Record Retention. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Federal Grant Procurement (Purchasing) Standards. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
FY18 Federal Grant Purchasing Update. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Unwritten Tips for Managing Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
The Myth of “Free Government Money.” Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Free Grant Money Bulls***: Episode 1. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Free Grant Money Bulls***: Episode 2. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Thoughts on Private Foundation Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Federal Grant Search Update. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
U.S. Debt and Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Federal Loans and Grants for Felons. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
5 Tips When Applying for Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
5 More Tips When Applying for Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Another 5 Tips When Applying for Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
And 5 More Tips When Applying for Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Grants Training: High price does not equal high quality. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
How to Start a Grants Department (Office) in Your Organization. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
What You Can (& Can’t) Control When Applying for Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
12 Mistakes Made by New Federal Grant Seekers. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Tips for Managing Federal Grants During the Coronavirus Era. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.

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