Research and Evaluation

Please note: As of April 2021, we are not accepting new full-time clients. We’re happy to refer you to one of our partners. Please contact us for assistance. If you don’t need full-time help, we’re available for brief strategy calls through our Saturday Sessions.

Every federal grant requires some form of evaluation to monitor progress, to identify opportunities for program improvement and to report progress. We can help.

Federal Grant Evaluation Plan: One of The Grant Doctors’ evaluators will prepare the evaluation section of your grant application in concert with your grant development team.

Federal Grant Project Evaluation: One of our independent evaluators will work with your project director to implement your grant’s evaluation plan. The evaluator will:

  • Collect data for GPRA and program-specific measures.
  • Assist with preparing federal Annual Performance Reports (APRs).
  • Attend client meetings and/or make presentations as needed.
  • Consult monthly with program staff.
  • Conduct focus groups as needed.
  • Make suggestions for improving the evaluation’s design.
  • Prepare a client-specific annual evaluation report separate from the federal APRs.
  • Other steps necessary to evaluate the project’s performance.