The Grant Doctors 365

The Grant Doctors 365 / 051221

On the five-point scale in our grant readiness assessment, organizations exceptional (5) at purchasing/procurement:

  • Written purchasing procedures aligned with federal, state and local laws and regulations;
  • Written standards address conflicts of interest for anyone involved in the selection, award and administration of contracts;
  • The organization avoids purchasing unnecessary or duplicative items;
  • A cost and price analysis is conducted with every purchasing transaction;
  • Records are maintained documenting each purchasing transaction;
  • Oversight ensures contractors perform in accordance with the terms of contracts or purchase orders;
  • All transactions are conducted with full and open competition;
  • The organization has written procedures for issuing formal solicitation for goods and services;
  • The organization has a procedure to report suspected improprieties; and
  • Management conducts independent reviews to determine if purchasing policies and procedures are being followed as intended.

Download the complete grant readiness assessment.