The Grant Doctors 365

The Grant Doctors 365 / 051021

On the five-point scale in our grant readiness assessment, organizations exceptional (5) at internal controls:

  • Written procedures in place to maintain control over assets, records, expenditures and so on;
  • Segregation of duties between employees that initiate, approve and record expenses;
  • A periodic comparison of expenditures and reports to supporting documents;
  • Supervisory review of reports to assure accuracy and completeness of data and information included;
  • Procedures to identify and resolve compliance issues;
  • Unallowable expenses adjusted with follow-up action taken to determine the cause and to prevent future occurrences;
  • A procedure to verify the eligibility of people receiving services;
  • Written policy establishing responsibility and procedures for periodic monitoring, verification and reporting of program progress and accomplishments; and
  • Periodic independent evaluation of expenditures, reports and supporting documents.

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