The Grant Doctors 365

The Grant Doctors 365 / 041221

On the five-point scale in our grant readiness assessment, organizations exceptional (5) at board membership:

  • Have the maximum number of members allowed by the organization’s by-laws.
  • All officer positions are filled.
  • Board members understand their individual, and collective, roles and responsibilities.
  • Board members and staff have a shared understanding of their relative roles.
  • Board members possess a diverse range of skills (e.g., legal, financial, public relations, etc.) to effectively govern and support the CEO/Executive Director.
  • Board membership diversity (gender, ethnicity, etc.) that reflects the community.
  • The board has a process to identify new board leaders and/or for board members to progress through the officer positions.
  • Board members have term limits; and
  • Frequent interaction between the board and the CEO/Executive Director ensures a “no surprises” environment.

Download the complete grant readiness assessment here.