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The Grant Doctors 365 / 031421

A few points to consider as you’re working on your sustainability plan:

First, do an internal funding assessment. Take a hard look at all your current funding sources. What do you have that could be redirected to support your new program after a grant ends? Everything should be on the table.

Second, don’t launch new programs with a single funding source. Ideally, use two or three funding streams. If/when one drops off, a program can keep going—even if it needs to be downsized slightly.

Third, design programs so they can easily expand and contract depending on available funding and demand.

Fourth, explore ways to have programs generate revenue to offset some costs.

Fifth, keep your eyes and ears open for ways to partner with other organizations. Collaborations are a great way to keep your programs rolling.

And, finally, you’re not required to sustain a program at 100% when your grant ends. If you have funding that could keep the program operating at 75%, that’s perfectly acceptable. Program sustainability is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You decide how to sustain your programs, not your funders.