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The Grant Doctors 365 / 011721

Assuming your organization is ready to apply for a federal grant, and you’re itching to get that first one under your belt, pick one out and go for it. Jump into the action. See how much time it takes. What were biggest hurdles and headaches? What was the most confusing part of it all? Yes, this seems contradictory to my other advice where I say be strategic, but if you’re brand new and have never done this before, the best way to learn is by doing. Even if you know you won’t be funded, give it 100% effort. Afterwards, you’ll receive your scores and the reviewers’ comments that will help you the next time around. Once you have the feedback, then you can decide, (1) “Ok. I can do it again. I just need to change a few things.” Or, (2) “Hell no. I’m not doing that again without some help.” Either way, you win because now you have the experience. There’s no substitute for trying new things.