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When you’re looking for a grants consultant, their success rate percentage is almost meaningless. Sure, you want to work with someone that’s been successful, but the winning percentage is not the best method by which to judge the quality of his or her work. I know some average grants consultants with nearly a 100% success rate because they cherry pick their clients and the types of grant applications they prepare—typically ones that are formula based: Fill out the right paperwork and provide all the necessary documentation, you’re practically guaranteed to receive funding. On the other hand, I know some exceptional grants consultants—the best of the best—with mediocre success rates. Why? Because they take on a ton of projects: everything from small private grants to large federal grants that make less than ten awards. When you do that, you’re success rate is going to suffer, but that doesn’t mean you’re not developing competitive proposals. So as you search for an in-house grant writer, or a consultant, don’t get focused on their winning percentage. Use a number of variables in your search.