Federal grant helps with town hybrid daycare program

December 25, 2020

SCARBOROUGH — The use of a Coronavirus Relief Fund grant has helped with expenses for Community Services hybrid daycare program in the first 10 weeks.

Beginning on Oct. 5, Scarborough Community Services started an all-day hybrid daycare service on Payne Road, which fills a need for families with students out of school on distance learning days, said the town of Scarborough’s website.

A financial update for Sept. 23 through Nov. 30 shows that the program is currently under expected finances. Expected 10-week expenses were projected at $90,000 and in actuality amounted to $79,600.

“This was trying to put together a proposal to make this sort of financially viable model to step in where we anticipated there would be some community need to partial day or partial week childcare to complement the school’s reopening plan,” Assistant Town Manager Liam Gallagher said. “It was a proposal and an initiative that came together very quickly to try and fill in that gap. We used the numbers to the best of our ability with a new facility that we had no familiarity with.”

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