The Grant Doctors 365

The Grant Doctors 365 / 110220

If your organization is serious about pursuing federal grants, you need to check the Federal Register and every 2-3 days—preferably daily. Departments are reducing the amount of time applicants have to submit proposals; it’s more important than ever to stay on top of new grant notices. In early 2015, the average application period was 62 days. Perfect. Federal regulations recommend 60 days. By late 2018, the average application period shrunk to 50 days. That’s significant. Several Department of Education grants were open little more than the 30-day regulatory minimum. In the COVID era of 2020, it’s routine to see application periods of 35 days or less. Be safe and scan the Federal Register & every day. The Federal Register is published online first thing in the morning. Grants on post throughout the day.