As Seattle fights threat to federal grant money, those depending on the funds worry

October 23, 2020

Last month the U.S. Justice Department designated a handful of cities — including Seattle — “anarchist jurisdictions,” and threatened to block their federal funding.

This week, Seattle, Portland and New York City have fought back, filing a legal challenge in the hopes of blocking President Trump’s threats to withhold critical federal dollars from the cities the DOJ has labeled anarchist over ongoing clashes between police and protesters.

Mayors of the three cities all say the action is illegal and leaves them in a very dangerous spot with their budgets, in an already extremely difficult time.

Those who depend on those federal grant dollars are also getting increasingly anxious, including a Seattle art gallery owner, who asked not to be named, who thought her business was over when the pandemic hit before being able to access help from the city through federal grant dollars for small businesses.

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