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How important are details in grant applications? They’re everything. Little details. Big details. All details. Case in point: a school district in California missed out on a $750,000 grant for homeless students because they didn’t include a signature on the application form. The grant required three district employee signatures and they only provided two. As a result, the state considered the application incomplete and didn’t bother to read it. But wait, there’s more. The district tried to appeal to the state for reconsideration—and they missed the deadline for appeals. WTH? Seriously. Everything is everything in a grant application: the margins, the page limit, the font, the font size, the line spacing (including line spacing inside tables, headers and footers), signatures (even down to the color ink you need to use), the information you need to include in the appendices, what you can and can not include in the budget, and of course, the deadline. When you’re working on your proposals, don’t just focus on the big picture items, pay attention to everything.