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The Grant Doctors 365 / 091920

Stop wasting money on expensive grant writing and grant management training programs. Some companies (and even a few universities) are charging outrageous amounts for their courses. Do a little research. There are a ton of outstanding consultants out there who can provide the professional development you want for a reasonable cost (less than $1,000 per course).

The prices being charged, and the length of the courses, are ridiculous. One company in a major city will teach you how to prepare grant applications over the course of five days; and if you want to learn about federal grant applications, that’s a separate five-day course. All told, you’ll be out $6,000-$8,000 for registration fees and travel expenses—and, you’ll be away from the office for ten days. There’s even a college offering a masters degree in grant writing and grant management for more than $13,000. Stop! Shop around and don’t waste your time and money.