Staff Capacity Building

Ongoing professional development is essential. Our Federal Grants 360 workshop and targeted topic training will keep your staff current on federal grant issues.

Federal Grants 360 Workshop: Federal Grants 360 covers the full spectrum of issues related to federal grants: organizational readiness; application development; management and compliance; communications; sustainability; and more. Federal Grants 360 is designed for private nonprofits and public organizations that have never applied for federal grants. Our workshop is delivered online in four 90-minute segments. Complete course description in our workshop catalog (.pdf).

Targeted Topic Training: We can provide one-on-one or small group grant training based on your current needs and objectives (e.g., grant management regulations; indirect costs; documentation standards and best practices; policies and procedures; corrective action, etc.). Training is delivered online in 45- and 90-minute webinars.

Download our workshop catalog (.pdf)
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Customized PD on any federal grant management topic can be developed upon request.