Staff Capacity Building

Our Federal Grants 360 workshop covers the full spectrum of issues related to federal grants: organizational readiness; application development; management/compliance; sustainability; and more. All our slides and presentations are 100% free.

Federal Grants 360 master slides (.pdf) coming soon.
Phase 1: Pre-Award (Intro. to federal grants). Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Phase 2: Post-Award (Managing federal grants). Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Phase 3: Closeout. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Phase 4: What's Next? Slides (.pdf). You Tube.
Pre-Award Risk Assessment. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
The Myth of "Free Government Money." Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Unwritten Tips for Managing Federal Grants. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Free Grant Money Bulls***: Episode 1. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Federal Loans and Grants for Felons. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.
Free Grant Money Bulls***: Episode 2. Slides (.pdf). YouTube.

If you need federal grants coaching and technical assistance, let's talk. We can help.

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