State Grants

In early 1998, when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, we created the first, and only, online database of grants available in all 50 states (well, 45). Only five states (Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico and Rhode Island) did not have grant information onlineā€”a resource we now take for granted.

We were (and still are) extremely proud of this accomplishment. This was groundbreaking stuff! Google did not exist when we started this project and Yahoo was hit-and-miss with its search feature and its early (now defunct) directory-style website listings.

We migrated all the information to a companion website we developed and later sold it to another company. Unfortunately, the company did not keep the information current and eventually closed the website. The only record of our cutting-edge achievement is within this document: Click here to download the archive (.pdf, 59 pages)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on our efforts. Read the story (.pdf)