Sometimes, all you want is a quick conversation, a brainstorming session, an outsider’s opinion or just an ear to bend. Spark! is the consulting you need—one hour at a time. No long-term obligations. Spark! is all about jumping in and getting sh*t done. Ways we can help:

  • Brainstorming ideas for new projects. Positioning new projects for grant funding.
  • Federal grant management technical assistance and coaching.
  • Grant budgeting advice.
  • Policies and procedures. Internal controls. Organizational capacity.
  • Program sustainability.
  • Corrective action (Grants occasionally get out of control and need to be fixed.)

How we work:

  • What help do you need? Everything is fair game.
  • We’ll do an upfront kickoff via Email to clarify the issue and to schedule our call.
  • Together, we’ll dive into the topic during a one-hour problem solving session.
  • Afterwards, you’ll get the synthesized notes and any relevant proprietary advice.

Get in touch and let us help.