Federal Reforms Initiative

We look for opportunities to partner with the federal government to improve how federal funds are managed by awarding agencies and federal grantees. If you have a suggestion, please send it to us at federalreforms@thegrantdoctors.com or use #FederalReforms on Twitter. Our current projects:

  • 16-01 - Expired Federal Grants: The $994,000,000 Question. Why is nearly one billion dollars in expired federal grants stuck in closeout limbo? Download our e-paper (.pdf). Press release (.pdf).
  • 16-02 - Ever wonder how much time federal agencies give applicants to respond to funding opportunities?. We did the math in our analysis (.pdf).
  • 16-03 - Our idea where to find additional funds to fight the Zika virus. One-pager (.pdf). Press release (.pdf).
  • 16-04 - Grants Oversight and New Efficiency Act. Our analysis (.pdf). Press release (.pdf).

2016 Projects